Rev. Jesse Jackson in Charlottesville, August 27th 2017, 10am

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Preaching:Healing and Rebuilding
This Sunday’s service will be different than originally advertised. We were approached on Friday afternoon by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. who would like to come to Charlottesville to preach his message of healing and rebuilding. Because of our reputation as a progressive community committed to the work of racial justice, he felt that speaking from our pulpit would provide an example of the kind of interfaith coalition building so necessary today. Rev. Jackson will be announcing plans of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to launch a bus tour, beginning in mid-September, to actively register and motivate voters for the mid-term elections and beyond.
Our schedule is still for one service at 10:00 am. We expect Rev. Jackson to remain after the service to meet people and find ways to connect with the networks already in our community that are working for change.
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